Audi S3 quattro S Tronic and Range Rover Evoque Si4 Coupe

Range Rover comes with the 240-hp Evoque Coupe Si4 in unfamiliar territory before: the sporty compact class. there meets the English Beau on the Audi S3 with 265 hp

Both Audi and Range Rover set for decades with success on all-wheel drive technology. Because it but always drew the British into the area, while the Bayern-established four-wheel drive on the road, there has been little competition. Only in the segment of luxury luxury-class SUV, where the Audi Q7 and the classic Range Rover are represented, they hunt in the same area for customers.

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But now the new Evoque leaves the retracted paths and ventured new: Especially in the coupe version with the 240-hp turbo gasoline engine targets the styled premium SUV on those customers, from which recruit the S3 buyers. The Briton is driving dynamic enough? And: Does the German sufficiently round characteristics?


Although the Baby Range has taken the sleek design of the study LRX almost unchanged in the series, he scores with a consistently better space. Given the longer by about twelve centimeters body it is no surprise that one of the front seats Range Rover Evoque more freedom of movement enjoys. In addition, a particularly space-saving rear axle ensures spite of the steep sloping roofline sufficient space above the crown.

Also the trunk coincides with at least 420 liters (Audi: 281 liters) of considerably greater. 1,350 to 1,011 liters: more clearly the space advantage in the rear seats folded is. On top of that, the Range Rover can handle more payload and may take up to 1,800 kg on the hook, while the Audi S3 quattro S Tronic is not even equipped with a trailer hitch.

The list of available assistance systems is quite short in both cases, the Evoque can be optionally upgraded with blind-spot warning system and a panoramic camera system and thus ensures a small lead - but the British demand places hefty surcharges for security features. For the Ingolstadt however, speak next to the clarity its rock-solid processing and foolproof administration.

bodyMax. PointsAudi S3 quattro S TronicRange Rover Evoque Si4 Coupe
Space in front1006376
Space behind1004859
Operation / Function1008886
Boot capacity1001939
Payload / towing capacity802443
Quality / processing200185180
Chapter review1000583653

driving comfort

Points accumulated the Audi S3 quattro S Tronic Furthermore, with its sports seats: They are precisely shaped and can be set well in many different statures. In addition, they provide a very high level of lateral support and fallen with a few but significant additional centimeters for seat depth and back height. but sensitive natures bothered by the tight upholstery. In contrast, the seats in the Evoque (optional 8-way sports seats) turn out to be much softer.

Also, they are well contoured, but further cut. That's why they offer less lateral support, and the fine leather (option) is slippery. You also have to go fishing with the rank quite cumbersome for the belt - that's annoying. Back the tide turns: Here is cuddling her second toasty in the formed niches of Range Rover Evoque Si4 Coupe, supplied on request at no extra charge with a three-seat rear bench. In the Audi fund it comes to not only close, it is a lack of leg rest.

Noise comfort also the Briton is ahead with its engine not so wonderfully sonorous sounds like the turbo in the S3, but is simply quieter. Chassis side, both test cars compete with genuine Yamaha adaptive dampers. However, the Range Rover rolled with the lush tires in the test quite tight, and alternates between pitching in Normal mode and stößigem Anfedern sports program. The Audi demonstrated a total of a more harmonious, though harder vote - according to its emphasized dynamic character.

driving comfortMax. PointsAudi S3 quattro S TronicRange Rover Evoque Si4 Coupe
Front seat comfort150142124
Rear seat comfort1005865
interior noise503140
sound impression1006058
Air conditioning504037
suspension empty200129131
suspension loaded200126133
Chapter review1000714716

engine and gears

Under the hood, the two rivals reveal great similarities: In both cases provides a two-liter four-cylinder with direct fuel injection and turbochargers for powerful thrust. However, the Audi develops 25 hp more. In addition, its maximum torque (350 Nm) is applied over a wide speed range, while the Range Rover Evoque Si4 Coupe its full power (340 Nm), although already delivers less than 2,000 tours, but can not maintain that long.

The six-speed automatic of the Evoque also switched too often subordinated to one to two grades, so the engine often unnecessarily high speeds are demanded. This not only attracts a loss of comfort for themselves, but also drives the consumption high: 11.5 liters of premium are there in the test - despite a long translation. The optional S tronic (dual clutch) of the Audi test car by its six gears not only more efficient - 9.8 liters Super Plus - but also fixed, smoother and more logical. Both transmissions incidentally allow manual shifting via paddles behind the steering wheel.

engine and gearsMax. PointsAudi S3 quattro S TronicRange Rover Evoque Si4 Coupe
top speed1509066
power delivery504136
Chapter review1000629538

driving dynamics

Unity also prevails in the wheel technology and operation of the optional adaptive dampers. Both vehicles off via an electronically controlled Haldex coupling the rear wheels as needed to. This is done within a few milliseconds, allowing a variable power division. However, is the Audi S3 quattro S Tronic not even unpaved dirt roads, whereas the Evoque even startling builds a lot of grip on the ground and can be adapted thanks Terrain Response with a simple keystroke to different soil conditions, the entire drive.

In combination with the optional adaptive dampers (1,230 euros) is even a dynamic program to choose from. But even so, the  Range Rover Evoque Si4 Coupe on the handling track not follow the Audi. Also, the S3-test car comes with adaptive dampers (charge: 1.050 Euro) to. In both cars, a magnetic fluid through the damper whose viscosity can be controlled electro-magnetic flow.

The effect is always palpable, but the Audi deflected in any case be far more agile one, reaches higher limit speeds and is quiet. In addition, the S3-steering gives precise feedback. The Evoque starts tapping near the adhesion limit, but thanks to attentive DSC (ESP) without consequences. Another clear advantage dynamics bring the Audi his snappy gripping brakes that allow the hot state by up to 1.5 meters shorter braking distances of speed 100th

driving dynamicsMax. PointsAudi S3 quattro S TronicRange Rover Evoque Si4 Coupe
directional stability504040
brake dosage302017
braking distance cold1507572
braking distance hot1508571
driving safety150128125
turning circle201411
Chapter review1000713642

Environmental and cost

The base price of the two opponents apart by only 800 euros. Who the Audi S3 dispenses with the dual clutch transmission further 1,950 euros is cheaper it. The Range Rover Evoque Si4 however, there is only with automatic transmission.

Also in the resale and the running costs of Audi cuts each better: So 122 euros per year fall according to our sample invoice less for insurance on that workshop costs around 400 euros cheaper, and fuel costs are at 20,000 km Laufl.eistung about 430 euros low - although the Audi demands Plus after the expensive super. The tax savings of twelve euros per year for the S3 does not matter, the long-term guarantee for corrosion and mobility already.

Cost / EnvironmentMax. PointsAudi S3 quattro S TronicRange Rover Evoque Si4 Coupe
valued Price675144141
Guarantee / Warranty502822
Workshop costs201511
Chapter review1000373353


In addition all points of the Audi S3 wins clear before the Range Rover Evoque Coupe Si4. Particularly in the chapters engine / gearbox and vehicle dynamics, the Audi proves the superior vehicle. The range, however, dominates the body rating. Even with 240 hp and adaptive chassis of the chic British can follow the well-trained German with difficulty. For this, the Evoque is also off the beaten track from a good figure, while the S3 there is completely unsuitable.


Max. PointsAudi S3 quattro S TronicRange Rover Evoque Si4 Coupe