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Sportier and more dynamic the Mercedes SLK will be by the recent facelift. A first driving test with strengthened to 305 hp SLK 350

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Key data
PS kW305 hp (224 kW)
driveRear-wheel drive, 6-speed manual
0-100 km / h5.4 seconds
top speed250 km / h
price46,975.00 €

There was not much you could accuse been the SLK. Finally, the compact Mercedes roadster writes with characteristic Variodach since its publication in 1996, a continuing success story. About half a million copies have since been built, and much to suggest that there are still hundreds of thousands more in the coming years.
Only a little more sporty he might be, the SLK. Especially in comparison to the German roadster competition named TT Roadster, Z4 and Boxster - even if the somewhat sedate 136 hp of the first SLK-generation long since a thing of the past.

As of April, just in time for the start of the open-air driving season, is the facelifted version of the current SLK-Series C171 the Mercedes dealer. can and should, the first driving impression, at least some calls silenced after more sporty dynamics. For the facelift is much more than a facelift, in which a few edgy tricks should provide front and rear for a more dynamic appearance.

Around 650 components of the SLK are new or have been further developed, Mercedes promises. A beta version of the C171 so. of course, are the most noticeable design changes to the mouth and rear end, which also provide more family resemblance to the new SL. Inside, among others, the instrument cluster with outlines glisten now a little more has also changed a lot.

Other new features include a three-spoke steering wheel with multifunction buttons changed and the infotainment unit of the new generation. It corresponds to the installed in the current C-class device and optionally as Audio 20 CD, Audio 50 APS with DVD navigation system or COMAND APS with HDD navigation and 6.5-inch display to have. Refrain but you have it on the Comand push / rotary C-Class, as the center console with handbrake lever of the SLK it can not accommodate. of course, are not as noticeable changes under the sheet metal, but they provide a whole new SLK driving experience.

Stronger Motor Sports
Four engines with outputs 184-360 hp form the drive range of the SLK, with only the most powerful engine, the V8 of the SLK 55 AMG, remained intact. The three-liter V6 of 280 is indeed offered with unchanged performance, but the engine was optimized consumption. The base engine, the four-cylinder supercharged engine of the 200 was strengthened by 21 hp to 184 - at a lower total fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Particularly proud of the Mercedes-developers are the engine of the SLK 350, the so-called Sport engine. From still 3498 cc, the V6 now draws thanks to strong angeho-enclosed speed limit 305 hp - 33 hp more than the old 350 engine. The maximum torque increased by 20 Newton meters to now 360 Nm at 4900 rpm.

Of course it is not only done with raising the maximum speed, and finally the engine components must also cope with the increased load. Weight optimized pistons, lighter, sodium cooled valves, conical valve springs and stiffer roller cam followers are among the in-engine measures by which the speed limit of 7200 rpm is reached. Another technical highlight of the new SLK-generation is the so-called direct steering. It costs 315 euros extra and - which is a few kilometers away clear to the SLK 350 - one of the optional equipment, on which you should not do without.

Variable direct steering
The Direct-Steer system provides variable steering ratio, and it does so in an amazingly simple way. At a certain steering angle, the ratio becomes more direct by the nonlinear toothing of the rack. Effect: The steering angle required is lower. That is, in tight corners and in city traffic, the driver has less boost at the wheel without the steering why would nervous when driving straight ahead. While this initially leads to mild irritation, because you have to strongly steers into the first sweep of habit and the compact roadster turns unusually ragged. Soon, however, you get used to this character and enjoys the new ge-wonnene agility of the SLK.

The 350 sports engine contributes not a little. It depends almost greedily at the gas rotates quickly over the 7000 mark of the tachometer, sounding also really good. Especially when coasting, the V6 thumps almost as nice - albeit much quieter - as the series winning the first 300 SL. In the automation-tikversion the V6 accompanied by the way with sonorous declutching shocks when shifting its dyna-mix ambitions. In the six speed manual transmission, the driver is of course responsible. Nevertheless, in the sporting disciplines of the SLK has caught powerful.
Heinrich Lingner

"Fahrbericht Mercedes SLK facelift - picture gallery

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Technical specifications
kW / hp
1 / min

6500 U / min
Max. Torque. (Nm)
at 1 / min
4900 U / min
power transmission 
transmission6 speed manual
driverear-wheel drive
landing gear 
brakesv: Vented. and perforated disks
h: slices
tiresv: 225/40 ZR 18
h: 245/35 ZR 18
Weight (kg) 
Curb weight (factory)1519
Acceleration / intermediate sprint 
0-100 km / h (s)5.4
Top speed (km / h)250
test consumption10.2l / 100km (Super)
EU consumption9.5l / 100km (Super)
reachK. A.
Exhaust emissions 
Carbon dioxide CO2 (g / km)K. A.