It was my pleasure

BMW annuity the six-cylinder vacuum cleaner. His silky sums will be missed - time for a farewell tour

appropriate for the occasion wearing the test car black. With the roof closed, not that annoying rustling, he carried me from Cologne to Munich and doing little more than ten liters despite some rush stages consumes Super. Now we have arrived at Lake Starnberg, which shimmers frozen in the sun. From the jetty to look at the open 1er and an ugly thought: So you're one of three BMW, you can buy with that engine today, which won the Bavarian engine works worldwide fame. "Nothing beats Inline Six" - a badge on the jacket of a nice BMW engineer how long that's been since coming to mind.

sixpack: Really BMW

Line six-cylinder with her perfect mass balance among since the 30s BMW as the foam on wheat beer. Her silky run their turbine same sums their jubilation in response to racing and their elastic nature made a BMW for many only for BMW. The BMW 125i Convertible it demonstrates touchingly. After the start of the three-liter falls into a round, accompanied by soft rumbling idle already tackles stocky with little gas and has been below 2000 revolutions wide awake.

Smoothly it drives the tachometer needle in front of it, seems to breathe and pulsate. In overrun he thumps short and discreet once from the tailpipes. Pure joy of living up.

In the top three courses we pass under blue sky over land elicit the 218 hp with every little gas command new sounds that spill as little wave into the cockpit from the stern.

The agile BMW 1 Series and the Sixpack harmonize beautifully. the rhythm of braking, shifting, accelerating, steering, hearing quickly fits on these streets around Penzberg, Oberbuchen or Obersöchering. Not pinched, but casual and elegant.

When the BMW 1 Series Convertible and the current 1 Series Coupe will soon be replaced and if the 530i was settled, deadline is funny with. Then the classic sucker that allows entry into the six-cylinder world this side of 300 hp, history.

His part, the Executive Board decided to adopt four-cylinder turbos. The torque curves of these alleged Efficiency genius with the rather low in everyday consumption benefits are full, they can also rotate. But sound? No, not as fine as the technical nature beauty Inline Six.

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It darkens already, as we roll purring before the BMW headquarters. The windows of the four-cylinder aptly called high house where the six-cylinder vacuum cleaner has an annuity with a header decision reflected soft on the hood, under which it crackles softly.

Every drop of petrol must have been an honor to burn up in this engine. His fans bow down in gratitude before the classic BMW sixes. And with them:
Michael Harnischfeger