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The new BMW X6 xDrive50i is even sportier than its predecessor, but can also convince the terrain - the design remains a matter of taste. Fahrbericht

Visually, the X6 is a hit. And the second generation of the great terrain coupe, which starts on December 6, still spinning for more. A front like a fist, stormy sidelines, to a plump tail. Design is a matter of taste - with so far 250,000 copies sold, but a lucrative success story for BMW. Who buys the 4.91 meter long car, will be held understated presence. This is true not only for solvent customers of the main markets of China and United States.

BMW X6 xDrive50i: SUV coupe in Fahrbericht

At the high seating position with the chef even glance nothing has changed, nor of the miserable rearward visibility. Typical coupe, but there is the rear view camera (450 euros) and the new Surround View system for a 360-degree view (740 euros). The cockpit acts known, but finierter shaped raf? Than before.

Striking the 10.25-inch flat screen for Navi and multimedia show and the variable in content as well as color digital instruments. Even the head-up display is now more: It shows the Navi-Gra fik colorful and three-dimensional, and on request the list of phone contacts?. The pressure on the start button wakes in the test car the now 450-hp twin-turbo V8, the top engine - which is (see photos) in this case coupled with the new design line Pure Extravagance, which cost up to 6,500 euros extra.

The engine is a fine thing for the ears: only nice bassy and at high speeds velvety snarling. The power increased to 43 hp, the torque of 600 to 650 Nm. Much fire so even for the hip here total weight of almost 2.2 tons. Thus goes ergo a lot - the driving experience has nothing to do with a classic off-roader.

The X6 offers almost the Drive an M sedan. The Sprint value (4.8 seconds) from zero to 100 rings true, and fast corners hardly drives an SUV like the X6. Even the unpleasant, the lace is always close at the end, he takes left and precisely. Here, the operating in the test car suspension package helps Professional (5100 Euro) with adaptive dampers, rear-level control and the infinitely variable control of the driving torque between the rear wheels (torque vectoring).

The latter rotates the X6 in case of need with a kick on outer wheel exactly in the bend. And the slightly rear-biased all-wheel drive designed plays anyway with hardworking. The fun spoils the onboard computer, which already displays on the road an average of 11.8 liters. By the way: The X6 draws up to 3.5 tonnes, and the trailer coupling pivots now of electrically.

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Our conclusion

The X6 is optically the bad boy and his driving and an athlete with M genes, which makes a lot of fun even off-road. Its drawbacks: high price and consumption.

Wolfgang Eschment