10 opponents of Macan

The compact Macan is Porsches seventh series. Even the cheapest petrol engine 340 hp and is likely to frighten his supporters plenty of respect. a first test

An SUV from Porsche? When the Cayenne more than ten years for the first time rolled on the streets, many still believed in a joke. Today, it has long been accustomed to the sight, and the Cayenne has also developed in sales to the ultimate workhorse. The eight centimeters flatter Macan it is now to do likewise. From the outside it looks much more compact - even though he is only 16 centimeters shorter and slightly lighter (1965 kg).

Porsche Macan S: Smooth and very mobile

you can not complain, at least on the front seats through lack of space. From the sports seats (1785 euros) taken Porsche typical firm in the pliers, the Macan fits like a glove on long trips as fast corner streets. In the second row, it could be a bit tight on time - where even taller passengers can sit still upright despite the gently sloping roofline.

but with its dynamic driving potential of the Macan is most competitors the long nose. In just five seconds, the four-wheel drive sprints from a standstill to highway speed. In this case, makes the supercharged three-liter six-cylinder only noticeable at higher speeds by suitably hoarse bark. At low revs and in the state he mumbles casually to himself. Power of the short-stroke delivers plenty of it from any speed, with the thrust always unfold smoothly.

Suitable also relaxes the suspension comfort shows. The air suspension including adaptive damper (2,629 euros) responds very mild and leaves the Macan will be mainly on highways for litter. That the Schwabe but also can help it, he points to the handling course, he curves around with surprisingly little body roll and excellent traction. Jagged and surely he senses movement on the steering wheel, snappy on brake commands. And who bravely steps on the gas in curves, can look forward to a gentle steering-linked hedge. Less joy comes in at the gas station. On average, 13.3 liters of premium is due - that, some competitors better.


engineV6-cylinder, 4-valve, bi-Turbo,
capacity2997 cm3
power250 kW / 340 hp at 5,500 to 6,500 / min
Max. Torque460 Nm at 1450 to 5000 / min
transmission7-speed, dual-clutch
driveFour wheel drive, permanent
landing gearv .: five-arm axis stabilizer; h .: Multiple-beam axle, stabilizer, round: Air suspension (opt.) adapt. The damper (opt.); PSM (ESP)
brakesround: ventilated discs; SECTION; brake Assist
Tires (opt.)v .: 265/45 R 20;
h .: 295/40 R 20;
Michelin Latitude Sport 3
rimsv .: 9 x 20; h .: 10 x 20
L / W / H4681/1923/1624 mm
wheelbase2807 mm
Curb weight / payload1965/585 kg
Anhängerlast gebr./ungebr.2400/750 kg
Boot capacity500 - 1500 l
emission standardeuro 6
type classesHP 21/28 VK / TK 27
readings0-100 km / h in 5.0 seconds; 0-200 in 19.3 s
top speed1254 km / h
stopping distance100-0 km / h cold / hot 35.4 / 34.8 m
consumption13.3 l S / 100 km
EU consumption19.0 l S / 100 km
CO2-output1212 g / km
base Price57,930 €
¹ factory specifications

Mercedes GLA 45 AMG:

With just two liters capacity of the engine under the hood of the newly en Mercedes GLA is the smallest in the competitive environment. Exchange pays the charged miracle engine from AMG full 360 horsepower and pulls the other collaborators in the competition ears long. For the standard sprint from zero to 100 km / h Mercedes indicates sensational 4.8 seconds - only with speed 250 of the compact SUV athlete is captured electronically. The impressive performance, the Swabians serve a fashionably styled body, superb craftsmanship and a classy atmosphere. Clear that so many superlatives have their price. With 55,871 euros Mercedes GLA 45 AMG but still 2,000 euros cheaper than a Porsche Macan S with 340 hp. Carrying the spacious interior and the comfortable air suspension on the credit side. It is already clear: These two brand new power packs deliver a duel at eye level. We look forward to a first detailed comparison test.

CONCLUSION: The Mercedes GLA 45 AMG is probably the hardest nut that the Macan has to crack. He is smart, fast and as noble as the Zuffenhausen.

Rating: 4 stars

Audi SQ5 TDI:

Although he is equipped with a diesel engine, the Audi SQ5 should still address the same clientele as the Macan S. Finally, the Q5 delivers the Porsche not only the technical base, but are also other fashion chic and sporty. Under the hood of the Ingolstadt carries the double charged three-liter V-6 diesel engine, which with a lot of power (313 hp) and a gigantic torque of 650 Nm is made in the scene. That's enough for Sprint values ​​of a good five seconds and a top speed of 250 km / h. Because the consumption not just in the EU standard (6.8 liters) remains typical diesel low, the Audi SQ5 is a serious alternative for economic and experienced driver. but must also have a filled wallet, because Audi requires at least 59,300 euros. For this, but you get next to the relatively unobtrusive appearance and perfect workmanship, good use of space and simple design.

CONCLUSION: As much sovereign power as in the Audi SQ5 is rarely found in compact SUV. Such a high price, however, also.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

BMW X3 xDrive35i:

The BMW X3 is a stately appearance with his newly shown facelift. But despite 4.65 meters exterior length and 1.66 meters in height, Munich is still one of the sportiest compact SUV on the market. This is especially true when a potent six-cylinder as working in the xDrive35i under the hood. With 306 hp and 400 Newton meters of gasoline, provides enough power to speed up the nearly two-ton X3 in less than six seconds from standstill to highway speed. it does not reach quite the speed of Audi SQ5 and Mercedes GLA 45 AMG (250 km / h), but the eight-speed ZF automatic transmission shines but with outstanding comfort and lightning fast gear changes. When pricing the Bayern hold as opposed to the competition back yet. Nevertheless, 54,200 euros are not chicken. However, if you are looking for a spacious and fast premium SUV has to take the X3 in the tight election.

CONCLUSION: The BMW X3 convinces with sporty handling and good space. The most powerful gasoline engine also guarantees still really fun to drive.

Rating: 4 stars

Range Rover Sport TDV6:

Surely you can not expect miracles driving dynamics of such an upright, 4.85-meter-long and 2.2-ton SUV. But the Range Rover Sport can be moved amazingly agile even in the basic version TDV6. Also ensures an extravagant form both in the field and in front of the opera an unbeatable stylish appearance. The performance of the Range Rover generous ground clearance and sophisticated Terrain Response system but further than any of the other competitors shown here must Sport TDV6 leave the competition on the road pulling sure the terrain he comes thanks to the large suspension travel. As for the price, then Land Rover shows amazingly fair. at least 59,600 euros are to be paid for the base model. For the offered luxury level and good space with the option of two additional seats in the trunk (1,700 euros) a truly alternative worth considering the new Macan.

CONCLUSION: An imposing appearance, solid performance and the superiority in the field speak for the Range Rover.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Audi RS Q3:

If there is egg-nen serious competitor to the Porsche Macan sportiness, it's ne-ben the Mercedes GLA 45 AMG certainly the Audi RS Q3. The compact Ingolstadt sprints with its turbocharged five-cylinder engine (310 hp) in just over five seconds from zero to 100, is electronically limited only 250 km / h and reaches the EU consumption still 8.8 liters. Safe when space trade-offs must be made. But the performance, the stylish appearance and handling speak for themselves. However, so much self-confidence has its price. For one of the youngest in the competitive environment 54,600 euros must be paid - after all, with the seven-speed dual clutch transmission.

CONCLUSION: The Q3 quattro GmbH is an expensive but uncompromising SUV driving machine - no more, no less.

Rating: 4 stars

Porsche Cayenne:

Strong competition is waiting for the Macan also in-house. Priced are just 1,400 euros between Macen S and the much more spacious Cayenne. However, its basic version carries the 3.6 liter V6 without turbocharger under the hood, which provides at least 300 hp at 6300 rpm. Noteworthy is also the torque of 400 Newton meters. For sporty performance, the all sufficient. And for more fun can still be switched manually here. That the Cayenne total of slightly more consumed, we must forgive him.

CONCLUSION: Long matured and really good, the Cayenne will present even in the basic version - a serious Macan opponents.

Rating 4.5 stars

BMW X5 xDrive35i:

Only 2,000 euros separate the Porsche Macan from the much larger BMW X5 with 306 hp straight-six. Bayer convinced after his recent revision with a very extensive safety equipment, perfect handling, fuel-efficient engines and good use of space. As X5 xDrive35i still impressive performance, an amazingly agile handling and a charismatic and revving engine are added. Sporty drivers with more space needs can be so in Munich an exciting alternative to Macan S.

CONCLUSION: The X5 guarantees similar sporty performance, but has considerably more space than the Porsche Macan.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Mercedes ML 350 BlueTEC:

The big Schwabe costs even with the powerful V6 diesel and BlueTEC exhaust gas treatment just over 2,000 euros more than a Porsche Macen. but it offers more space, superior comfort and a more extensive safety features. Despite the imposing dimensions of 4.80 meters long and 1.80 meters high, the Mercedes ML 350 is by no means complacent. Even at close pylons courses, the pachyderms winds amazingly agile. And consumption, he does not just some compact model of it, even if the standard values ​​of 6.8 liters in everyday life can hardly be achieved.

CONCLUSION: The ML is a dream car alike for frequent travelers, families or SUV fans - especially with six-cylinder diesel.

Rating: 5 stars

Volvo XC60 T6 AWD:

Still there is it - the six-cylinder petrol engine with Volvo. In the XC60 T6 AWD he does, thanks to three liters and turbocharger 304 hp, which can be increased (1,199 euros) even to 329 hp with performance package. Sure, that can also see the performance of the noble Sweden so, although the XC for just under 50,000 euros does not offer 60 the dynamics of the Macan S. Cheaper is the turbocharged two-liter four-cylinder with 306 hp, which is available only with front wheel drive. This version features an eight-speed automatic transmission (T6 AWD: six steps).

CONCLUSION: With great gasoline, the imposing Swede remains a marginal phenomenon. But even that has its charm.

Rating: 4 stars

VW Touareg 3.0 V6 TDI:

The VW Touareg completely new to come until the year 2016th Until then, announced for late summer facelift holds the big Wolfsburg fresh. Technically, nothing substantial will change after the slight revision. This is not necessary, because even the current generation impresses with top processing überragendem space, super comfort and impressive performance. This is especially true for the most popular engine - the 3.0 V6 TDI. The guaranteed after the facelift up to 258 hp and will cost around 54,000. As an excellent all-rounder, he should provide the better arguments than the 4000 Euro expensive Macan for many customers.

CONCLUSION: The heaviest silver bullet from Wolfsburg has won numerous comparison tests and is expected to find after the facelift in the segment many customers.

Rating: 5 stars

Our conclusion

With the Macan, Porsche ago which is probably the fahrdynamischste SUV. Cheap such a pleasure is not, of course.

Markus Schönfeld