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Renault lie between the SUV Captur and Clio grand tour with 120-horsepower gasoline only 300 Euro. but is more convenient to the station wagon. comparison

This duel German buyers have already decided: With about 6000 to about 3000 is new registrations of Clio in the first quarter 2014 clearly before the Captur. But the obvious advantages of SUVs with the high seating position and the striking appearance could raise doubts in the future especially with prospects for the combined Clio Grand Tour. Because the price premium for the fashionable Captur is only 290 euros when similar equipment. This also applies to the strongest, each with 120 hp gasoline variant both French.

The Clio is the more fuel-efficient and noticeably more agile car

Large SUV, small combo? In this comparison, immediately raises the question of who is actually the Great. With 4.28 meters length of the Clio Grand Tour dominates the Captur by about 16 centimeters. For this, the SUV five centimeters wide and just under ten centimeters higher than the station wagon. While making the greater width inside the Captur hardly noticeable, the height of the head area is clearly noticeable.

Equally positive is greater by just two centimeters wheelbase of the SUV has an effect - legroom and seating position in the rear are a little better. A disadvantage also the sports seats of the 2,350 euro expensive GT equipment prove to the Clio Grand Tour: Here are not only the seat bolsters too tight cut, the headrest of the driver's seat can not be in the amount high enough for riders over 1.80 meters Height Adjust ,

This GT-equipped with R.S. driving mode switch and stalwart sports suspension harmonizes anyway either by car, the cultured motor nor the sluggish EDC dual clutch transmission - the exaggerated sporty looks out of place. Nevertheless, the Clio is in relation to the equally strong Captur the more agile car with advantages in acceleration values ​​and maximum speed.

Even more convinced of the combination with its practical features: With 150 liters more maximum cargo space plus extra storage compartment under the cargo floor can he against the less well-stocked SUV also score with its niedigen sill. Even with consumption and brake values ​​of the Clio has slightly ahead.

When processing both Renault are at a good level, with the interior of the Captur can claim benefits for himself with clever ideas such as the spacious glove box drawer and the slightly-quality acting materials. The clarity is not a revelation in the two Renault, the operation succeeds it after a short period. Modern assistance systems are missing here and there in the price list. The multimedia system R-Link (from 590 euros) with navigation and Bluetooth is worth a recommendation.


Despite the comparatively low price difference, the facts for the smaller Clio Grand Tour talk - it is more practical and agile, while consuming less. but riders sit a little cramped.


Who makes his purchase decision not only with the mind, will decide to send Captur. He also has a comfortable high seating position and freedom of movement.

The score Classic vs. SUV: 2: 0

Concept SUV compared to Classic - 1st part: Fiat


engine4-cylinder, 4-valve, turbo,
4-cylinder, 4-valve, turbo,
capacity1197 cc1197 cc
power88 kW / 120 hp at 4900 / min88 kW / 120 hp at 4900 / min
Max. Torque190 Nm at 2000 / min190 Nm at 2000 / min
transmission6-speed dual clutch6-speed, dual-clutch
tires205/45 R 17 V;
Michelin Primacy 3
205/55 R 17 V;
Michelin Primacy 3
L / W / H4277/1732/1463 mm4122/1778/1556 mm
wheelbase2589 mm2606 mm
Curb weight / payload1260 kg / 445 kg1280 kg / 446 kg
Anhängerlast gebr./ungebremst1200/595 kg1200/625 kg
Boot capacity443 - 1380 l377 - 1235 l
emission standard5 euro5 euro
type classesHP 16/18 VK / TK 17HP 16/18 VK / TK 17
0-100 km / h10.5s11,5 s
Höchstgeschwindigkeit¹199 km / h192 km / h
Braking distance 100-0 km / hcold / hot 36.5 m / 35.9 mcold / hot 36.5 m / 37.0 m
consumption6.5 l S / 100 km6.7 l S / 100 km
EU Verbrauch¹5.2 l S / 100 km5.4 l S / 100 km
CO2 Ausstoß¹120 g / km125 g / km
base Price19,400 €19,690 €
 ¹ factory specifications  

Klaus Uckrow