First cockpit photos of the new 1 Series

Key data
Construction periodfrom 2018
powerK. A.
drive typesfront
transmission typesK. A.
Fuel typesK. A.
emission standardK. A.
base PriceK. A.

1er for more space and more efficient engines in the future BMW (2018) must give way to rear wheel drive and built along engines. Nevertheless, fans have to do without, as evidenced by new photos of the 1's Erlkönigs in the usual dose of dynamism. There is also a first look into the cockpit!

1er at the test drives of BMW (2018) were able to catch a first look at the interior of the compact our Erlkönig hunters now and deliver the first cockpit photos. While most acts still very tentative, much still hidden under camouflage, but a few details can be seen already. Including, for example, the new automatic gearshift and the new display for the infotainment. The air vents are now positioned slightly lower and behind the wheel conceals the large digital speedometer. But the truly groundbreaking innovation of the BMW 1 Series (2018) is in its construction. For the upcoming BMW 1 Series builds to the model change to a new technology platform ("lower class"Just UKL2) and loses its unique selling points in this segment - the longitudinally mounted engine to the driving direction and the rear-wheel drive. Another piece of bad news concerns the three-door variant, which will probably no longer built. Despite this seminal upheaval BMW is not willing to sacrifice the usual sovereign curve dynamism of its compact - which put pictures of Erl King on the Nordschleife test.

Facts about the BMW 1 Series in the video:

New pictures show the cockpit of the BMW 1 Series (2018)

Even with front wheel drive, the BMW (2018) 1er fun, that's for sure. Especially since the front-wheel drive solution has already proven its dynamic qualities demonstrated the compact van 2er Active Tourer and the SUV derivative X1. Subspace economic point of view, the usual in this class arrangement of the drive is already advantageous builds it but much more compact. Thus, the new 1 Series increases especially in the interior and should not make the competition from Swabia easier. Externally the future BMW 1 Series (2018) taking numerous loans from the study Concept Compact Sedan, so stretching a flat snout with narrow headlights and large BMW kidney into the airstream. The rear is muscular, dynamic and loses the arbitrariness of its predecessor. In the prototype spotted on the Nordschleife, it could be the future M140i, clearly visible to the larger brakes, the crisp roadholding and the two exhaust tailpipes. The force is well provided by a four-cylinder engine and transferred to the xDrive. The other engine range of BMW 1 (2018) draws from the scaled in 0.5 liter modular cylinder units, so that the 1.5-liter versions must consequently manage with three cylinders.

BMW 1 Series (2018)
Our illustration shows how the new BMW 1 Series might look like! © Auto Zeitung