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Once a narrower Hans, today the class Primus: The new VW Polo is more than a small car. We will help you in choosing the right model

Should actually spend a VW. Because in March 1975 almost exactly 35 years ago, the department showed the first polo - this small, spartan 3.51 meter carts that existed for around 7500 Mark the merchants around the corner. It was almost identical to the former Audi 50, under the hood sat a underpowered four-cylinder with 900 cm3 displacement and 40 hp, doors cheap paneling made of cardboard. just to endure in the city, rappelig loud on the highway.

And today, sold to more than ten million copies of four generations? A class leader, an achiever. With its fine workmanship, the length of 3.97 meters and 1.68 meters wide voluminous Polo projects already in the Golf class. Inside, muffled acoustics desired luxuries - from leather seats and automatic climate control to the electronic parking assistance and touchscreen display.

All current comparative tests against its competitors has won the started last summer new Polo. His strengths are in addition to the excellent quality and excellent sound comfort, the large, comfortable front seats, the balanced suspension / damping, which is very safe driving characteristics (including of good braking performance from 100 km / h), the continuously flat after folding down the rear seats cargo floor, the large, practical storage and simple, intuitive operation. The VW Polo has become a comfortable touring car for the whole family.

Criticism there for only average volume of its trunk: 280-952 liters with the rear seats folded completely - as others have more. The Czech group and platform-mate Skoda Fabia for example (300 to 1163 liters) or the Opel Corsa (285-1100 liters).

The Fabia has, thanks to its roof straighter course also more space and noticeably more headroom in the second row of seats. And in the prices of the Polo is in any case no special - the bandwidth ranges from 12 150 euros for the three-door, 75 hp petrol base model up to the (not yet official) 22 500 euros of the 180 hp The new VW Polo GTI of 2010.

This brings us to the following body. The Polo offers itself, apart from the large tailgate, with two or four doors. The latter is available from 735 euros extra in power windows (front and back) the whole thing adds up to 925 euros.

The athlete mimics the new Polo GTI, and plays the rocking fun urban-rounder, also from the end of May, the new version of CrossPolo.

In the medium no further Polo offshoot should start: The final, very simply furnished notchback model will not be sold in Western Europe, but mainly in Russia and India, and discussed combination or SUV models, there are no Okay by the Board.

The current engine range covers - from just about every need - from economical to sporty. The civilian Benzinern the 60 hp three cylinder serves as an entry, but only in the somewhat meager Trendline equipment. The 70-PS version of this 1.2-liter is the better choice: noticeably more power consumption the same, just 525 euros more expensive and available in the recommended Comfortline- equipment.

In the 1.4-liter four-cylinder is ranked 85 hp - which can be also with the economical and fast seven standard dual-clutch automatic (DSG) combine. Top petrol engine is the 1.2-liter four-cylinder TSI with direct injection and turbocharging: He has very lively 105 horsepower and is significantly more economical than the 1.4-liter. Despite the additional price of 1350 euros Our winner if it is to go with the Polo often on the long haul.

The turbo diesels, all TDI hot, the choice is difficult. Beginners, the 75-hp version of the new 1.6 liter - only available in Trendline. With 90 hp, it works better for the same consumption, a class that relativize 2,250 euros extra charge through the facilities of the standard Comfortline equipment. And only he can be had with the DSG automatic transmission - the 105-horsepower version of the 1.6-liter VW sold only with five-speed manual transmission.

There is also the 90 hp TDI as fuel-efficient "BlueMotion Technology" model, which will need around 0.5 liters of diesel less in the 100-km-section: 3.7 liters (96 g CO2 / km). While saving a start-stop system with braking energy recovery, the gear recommendation, underbody and rear suspension and low rolling resistance tires help.

Even more joy of saving? Then comes the Polo BlueMotion in question. Its 1.2-liter three-cylinder diesel will swallow just 3.3 liters - in practice, that is in comparison test of AUTOZEITUNG (issue 6/2010) were it not convenient 4.2 liters in total cut, without the full-throttle section would however, a three stood here before the decimal point.

In the sprint it is fixed as the 1.6-liter with 75 hp. No wonder, with the effort. In AZ-test of the BlueMotion also received high marks in ride comfort. Test Range: a whopping 1,071 kilometers.

Nevertheless, we recommend here rather the 90 PS TDI in the less extreme BlueMotion Technology version. The offers for minor consumption clearly more power - and the option of all the interesting extras.

worth considering is the new Polo BiFuel, which starts at a price of 16,325 euros to early June and with both petrol and the cheap petroleum gas (LPG; around 62 cents per liter) can go - the change easy touch of a button. VW promises the gigantic range of up to 1,300 kilometers for the BiFuel.

Whether the calculated course, depends on the individual annual mileage from - and near LPG filling stations. Information on the Internet at


1.2 TSI
Our favorite is the small 1.2 liter TSI 105 hp. It is more economical than the 1.4-liter with 85 hp, this quiet, cultured and listen to the traffic lights barely. For beginners the 70-hp Polo is a good choice, especially since it is also available in the Comfortline equipment. By the way: If possible order four doors - the three-door selling later bad.
1.6 TDI
The diesel engines we advise on average 1.6 liter with 90 hp, which is good for all occasions and can also be combined with the DSG transmission - the ultimate team. For fuel saver we recommend the BlueMotion Technology-version of this model, because that leaves freedom of choice for the favorite extras.

Consideration also needs the subject equipment. When they are called Polo Trendline, Comfortline and Highline. This works in the classical principle: In the package there is the equipment cheaper than if you would buy individually. However, this has the Polo also hook as the big motor technology index shows that the base engine versions were available only in the relatively lean basic equipment, other models have to compulsorily buy at least as Comfortline.

Interesting and recommended, in this context, the current special models "team" with which VW wants to join us at the World Cup. They are to have for all engines, offer the Polo price advantages of up to 1,630 euros and supplement or vary the facilities of the Polo Comfortline. For example, with heated sports seats (front), three-spoke steering wheel, a cruise control system and the radio system RCD 210 (2 x 20 watt, four speakers).

And the so-called "Team Plus" package, there are 16-inch alloy wheels "Cartagena" (tires 215/45 R 16, including replacement spare wheel) in budget 550 euros including tire pressure monitor. This saves more than 180 € on the regular wheel prize at the Comfort Line. Extras advisable?

For example, the "Easy-Entry" -Einstiegshilfe the Trendline three-door model for 180 euros (standard from Comfortline) - including passenger seat height adjustment and drawers under the front seats. Facilitates the trapdoor into the back immensely. Also, a CD radio makes sense well the RCD 310 with MP3 function (title display), multimedia jack and six speakers (4 x 20 watts). However, it costs 640 euros.

If we choose to run with the beautiful touch screen GPS units RNS 310, another 500 euros are due. Since there are alternative on the market for half the money portable devices that are then used in the second car of the family.

Incomprehensible: If one (435 euros) orders the simple air conditioning "Climatic" the basic model Trendline, there are only in the "Cool & Sound "package in conjunction with a radio - which requires the simplest Radio RCD 210 for additional 475 euros. By the way: From June Xenon headlights are to be had for the Polo, but the price is not fixed yet.


Four 14-inch steel wheels, tires 175/70 R 14, heat protection glass, 12-volt outlet (hold), only the driver's seat with height adjustable rear seat only undivided folded, fabric seat covers, ABS, ESP, Isofi x eyelets, front windows electrically.
Comfort Line: Four 15-inch steel wheels, tires 185/60 R 15, in addition include: grille Black / chromium, boarding aid easy entry, middle armrest with box, rear seat / -lehne partly hinged, double loading floor, drawers under the front seats, reading lights, electric windows all around, Climatic air conditioning, parking sensors, central locking with remote control, and passenger seat with height adjustment. High Line: Four alloy wheels; additionally include: leather steering wheel, sports seats, tire pressure monitor, heated windshield washer nozzles, fog lights.

GTI MODEL 180 hp
For gas and Fun fans of the VW dealer has soon the matching polo at hand - the GTI of course, which starts in early June. He runs in just 6.9 seconds from zero to 100 and according to VW up to 229 km / h. Committed only 1.4-liter, but 180 hp four-cylinder TSI, which is charged by supercharger and turbo ensures.

The aim is to make do with an average of only six liters of premium this direct injection. The sports suspension and the classic sports seats with the check pattern are included, as well as the lowering (15 mm) and 17-inch alloy wheels.

For the first time the front wheel transverse differential lock XDS is a precise curved line in action. As standard, there is the already mentioned seven-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG), which can be operated via shift paddles on the steering wheel. And according to our information the GTI price is lower than expected: 22 500 EUR.

For Stadtindianer and those who like to sit a bit higher, VW lets go of the beginning of June and the CrossPolo - the starting price of 16,550 euros. The car has a rustic outfit, sport seats, a steering wheel with perforated leather upholstery, a higher down by 15 millimeters chassis, scratch-resistant plastic panels, roof rails, 17-inch aluminum wheels and a brawny front. The semi-savages there will be desired again knallbunt, for example in "Magna Orange".
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