BMW 4219 Eli: Crazy Photoshop study

Eli wants a car. On Supercar should it be huge, anything else before surpassing. No, we are not talking of a crazy Sheikh or super-rich with exuberant car fantasy. Eli is four years old, Americans and expresses his ideas quite accurate.

The specifications are 42 wheels, of course, with all-wheel-drive, three steering wheels, with which one can simultaneously control the vehicle also and a trunk full of toys. Particularly striking is the absolutely exquisite taste Motor: There should be water-cooled six-cylinder boxer Porsche, each with 459 hp, which, however, 19 pieces. Above all, however, is the statement that there must be a BMW at Eli car.

The Bavarian Motor Works have probably read the forum post of the father on the American car side Jalopnik and act quickly. The marketing department of BMW America namely swings the Photoshop-Wand and brought the boy to BMW 4219Eli, the almost exceeds the specifications. The chances of serial production are indeed manageable, but the result impressive without question. While Eli may be just a little boy, but maybe he's also a great visionary ...
Jonas Eling