Here’s a Prius pushes the G-Class to

In London, a Toyota Prius is racing at an intersection in a tuned G-Class Brabus. Really clear how the matter proceeds. But the brutal G500 4x4² seems to be not quite as stable as one might initially suspected. 

Whoever comes too badly? If a Toyota Prius crashes into a Brabus G500 4x4², then most would probably bet without hesitation to the G-Class. And that would be an understandable thought at first, because what could please so a steel bunker on four (four wheel drive) wheels worth 226,100 euros already big throw off track? Well, in this case, the bet would be gone, because a curious incident (or accident) from London is now the answer to the outcome of such a meeting. There, a Prius Uber in a Brabus is in fact actually thundered G500 4x4² - and has this summarily transported in a more or less stable position! And not got the 500-hp Bottroper Desert toy for the super-rich good.