(S) a Smart dirt Wühler

An SUV has to be small, light and agile? Please, that's all the Smart Fortwo. A Ukrainian ventured into the renovation, turning the Smart into a lively off-roader.

The Smart Fortwo is a city car, is for narrow inner cities and corrosive parking space - at times also as "Urban jungle" designated. But the narrow, small and agile Smart Fortwo with actually brings the first generation also best jungle and offroad qualities. Finally, it forms with its short overhangs and low weight, the perfect base for an SUV. can the thought process actually work, is the owner of this Smart Fortwo.

41 Diesel-PS in off-road Smart

The 29-year old Ukrainian built the Smart with parts from VW, Honda and Mitsubishi to the SUV. Raised suspension, off-road tires and cut fenders thank the Smart Fortwo digs with amazing ease through the Russian forests. The drive? As before, the 0.8-liter diesel with 41 hp. Given the weight of some 800 kilograms of Smarts truly sufficient.

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