Lightning McQueen rebuilt

The speaking race car "Lightning McQueen" we know from the Disney animated film "Cars", An ambitious father has now made a surprise his son man and the cartoon car rebuilt in home working one on one. Looks good ... and also sounds good!

In the Disney movie "Cars" it's about talking cars that compete in child-friendly fast-paced race. Star of this film is the sympathetic-untwisted sports car "Lightning McQueen", The cartoon car even has a fictitious engine! A supercharged V8 delivers the necessary power, the red car to a top speed of 320 km / h catapult ... at least as long as the film on the screen flickers.

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Lightning McQueen replica for Sohnemann

Whether the faithful reproduction of a US tinkerer provides similar values, we can not say. The only certainty is that the real "Lightning McQueen" his cinematic counterpart looks confusingly similar. Apparently the real car was made by a father for the birthday of the most recent addition, which should be a big fan of the Disney film. So a father wish for probably a lot of kids. We have as well a list ...

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